Mediation Training


Creating mediators for mediation

Going through mediation training is not only good for your career, it is great for your life.

The Key to Effectively Mediating Your Case: Would you like to be more effective and efficient in Mediation? Would you like settle your cases while achieving higher client satisfaction after Mediation? Would you like to mediate your cases without having to go to multiple days of Mediation? This Mediation course will help improve your approach to the Mediation and Negotiation process. Developing a better approach to the Mediation  and Negotiation process will help make you more effective and more efficient.

This Mediation course is designed to help you develop a more effective approach to Mediation preparation and the mediation process. The course has been approved by the State Bar of California for 1 hour & 45 minutes of continuing education credit (MCLE). By clicking the link above you will be directed to Digital Chalk, so you can register for the course. This course is valued at $110.

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What students say:

I recently received some feedback from students at a deposition training program I taught with some talented faculty members. While this is a shameless plug, it really makes me feel good about making a difference in the lives of others. When I teach, I do it with the intention to provide specific practical advice the students can use to improve their practice. I’m glad I succeeded in this instance. Here are the comments:

“He was down to earth and engaging. He provided real-life tools to handling tough situations.”

“By far, I learned the most from Shahrad. He knows his stuff, was willing to send students his objections, very passionate about depositions and the NITA program and very articulate. I wish I could sit in on his depositions!”

“He was amazing at telling us what we needed to know in a way that gave us a lot of confidence that we could pull this off in real life. He is full of energy and enthusiasm.”