Mediation Can Help You Solve Your Legal Problem & Save You a Lot of Money. Because Your Peace of Mind Matters.

Mediation - a Noble Profession

Why I became a mediator.

You are looking at this site because you have a legal problem or you are an attorney looking for an effective mediator. Whether it is a personal injury, a product liability, a business dispute, a commercial case or a divorce. These problems are expensive, stressful and take a long time before they get to Court. This is especially true because of the recent budget cuts to Court services.

If there was a process which would significantly reduce your legal expenses, your stress, and give you control of the outcome, would you give it a chance? Of course you would! And that’s why ¬†mediation is always a good option for any dispute.

Mediation with an effective mediator can do all of those things, because the mediation process is designed to maximize the chances of success and minimize the risks and stress associated with the litigation process.

Give the process a chance, by contacting mediator, Shahrad Milanfar, to schedule your mediation session. Mediate! You will be glad you did!!

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