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Dear LPMT Executive Committee & Ms. Bartlett:

I’m writing to strongly support the idea that our MCLE system should encompass courses that teach attorneys not only the law, but also integrity, practical and business skills. The idea that our MCLE system should only focus on teaching the law is outdated and a disservice to our profession. As lawyers, we need to know how to practice law as complete lawyers—as lawyers who provide honest service to their clients; as lawyers who don’t lose sight of their humanity; as lawyers who are tactically and technically proficient; and as good business people. Without this training, we cannot properly represent our clients.

As an attorney and mediator, I have attempted to obtain MCLE accreditation for two MCLE courses related to stress management and mediation. Both courses were rejected by the State Bar, because they did not focus exclusively on the law. While the head of the accreditation unit agreed that the courses were worthwhile, he refused to accredit them for MCLE credit because they did not fit his narrow interpretation of what MCLE classes should be. This concept is misguided, as it fails to better our profession by narrowing our training, instead of supporting us as complete attorneys.

As an attorney, a mediator, and an instructor for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Golden Gate University School of Law, and mediation instructor for the Center for Human Development, I can wholeheartedly say that my broad experiences and trainings have made me a better person and a much better attorney. Our colleagues and our profession deserve better, broader, and more quality legal education. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support clarifying the scope of MCLE requirements to include programs and activities that relate directly to the management and operation of a member’s law office and to mediation training.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Best Regards,
Shahrad Milanfar

For more information, please see the state bar website:

To support this effort contact the LPMC and the State Bar:

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