Why I started this mediation blog

| September 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

I started this blog because I have four goals:

  1. To make a difference in the lives of those who can be helped through mediation and conflict resolution
  2. To help spread the word about the benefits of mediating disputes and the mediation process
  3. To help litigants, attorneys, legal industry professionals and mediators better understand how to effectively work within the mediation framework
  4. To help improve the legal profession through practical suggestions about the litigation and mediation process

Over 90% of all cases settle out of Court during some sort of alternative dispute resolution (i.e. mediation). Unfortunately, many times cases have to have a number of different mediation sessions, before a settlement is reached. So, learning the skills needed to help properly prepare for mediation and to participate in the mediation process is very important because it can help make the process much more efficient.

I know that the information I will be posting is useful and, if used properly, will help litigants, attorneys, legal industry professionals, and mediators become more effective in mediation and conflict resolution. I’m not offering legal advice. I’m merely providing information about effective approaches to the mediation and settlement process. I strongly believe in the mediation process. I also believe that having a more efficient and effective approach to mediation and to settlement discussions is important, regardless of whether the conflict is personal / family related (i.e. divorce or child custody), business related, or in a civil litigation / personal injury / product liability context, because it helps resolve the conflict, or case, saves money, and reduces the stress level of all involved.

I look forward to our dialogue!

Shahrad Milanfar


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