Budget cuts hit home & how mediation can help

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In a recent article called Budget Cuts Hit Home the California Bar Journal details the budget woes faced by California State Courts. From Los Angeles County Superior Court, to San Joaquin Superior Court and San Francisco County Superior Court, the budget crisis is being felt. From closing courtrooms, to laying off employees, to cutting back services, the Courts are trying to cope with the budget crisis. Unfortunately, this will cause fewer and fewer cases to have available Courtroom for trial. The San Francisco Superior Court recently reached an emergency budget deal which will provide it some supplemental funding until next year. This is a short-term fix at best.

Because of the lack of resources, this backlog can only be addressed through alternative means of dispute resolution. This is where mediation and informal negotiations come in.

By mediating cases and using informal negotiations, the parties can resolve their cases faster and more efficiently. This can help all the parties involved by allowing them to meet with a professional mediator who can help facilitate effective communication, leading to settlement. These communications can help mend the rift between the parties and facilitate understanding of the other’s perspective. With this perspective, the parties’ will have better insight on how to go about settling their cases. I’ll be sharing some helpful hints about how the mediation process can best be utilized for the most effective results. More later…

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